Doctor Findom™

Helping You Whilst I Help Myself

An original twist on female domination.

Offering ‘therapy’ to addicts, mind fucking you further down that rabbit hole. Helping you Whilst I help myself.

A latex loving, pro domme. A Humiliatrix Specialising in JOI, FANTASY blackmail, Force intox and home wrecking.

In need of therapy?

In need of therapy?

Are you tired of feeling victimised, embarrassed, guilty and most of all broke? or is that your kink!

This behaviour of domination can be perfectly healthy or significantly problematic depending on how it makes you feel and how it impacts your life (and your relationships). For example, hiding your activity from your boring vanilla wife takes a toll on your relationship.

Or perhaps you fit into the lonely virgin bracket of submissive? I imagine many of you derive a thrill from the taboo of tipping to a Superior you will never get the chance of touching.

However, if it pleasures you hiding your activity from your partner with whom you have agreed to share finances, this could be quite problematic! I’ve solved that issue by making sure all tips are kept anonymous and will not show up suspiciously on your statement.

Most people crave a balance of security/predictability and excitement/the unknown. Sacrificing all to please the doctor is all the therapy you would ever need.

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Why visit the doctor?

Assessing you is a professional way to build a relationship that empowers Me to gain all the relevant information from you. It enables me to manipulate you and use you for whatever purpose I wish.

I have many different reasons for being the only Doctor in femdom. In my years as a the only doctor Who has a PhD in the art of rinsology, I have spoken to many who are crippled with the disease of addiction and after months of trying to work with them, seeing them failing miserably, I took all the relevant information I needed from them order learn How the addiction takes a hold of them and ruins them.

Do you think you have the bottle to open up and tell me all about your fetish history?

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